Dear Dr. Kim,
Thank you so much for the 4 months of Acupuncture. I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year.
You were able to regulate my cycles, and seeing you before attempting IVF was a blessing. I was able to relax
and meditate when I came to see you 2x per week. I cannot believe the drastic difference in my quality of life.
I am now 10 weeks pregnant. Thank you so much for making my dream come true!        
                                                                          ---KP from Mission Viejo---
After a severe bout of the flu, I was suffering from insomnia, lethargy, and edema. When seeking help from my
medical doctor failed, I tried acupuncture as a last-ditch effort. Being skeptical of acupuncture, I was amazed
that my body reacted so quickly to treatment. A side benefit that I wasn't expecting was the disappearance of
my headaches. Dr. Kim offers a one year family plan of unlimited visits, so it makes treatment affordable and
maintenance possible. It's nice to know that when my body is ailing, I can go to Dr. Kim and say, “fix me!"              

                                                                         ---Vina Walker in Anaheim Hills---
At 55 years old, I was not happy with the face I saw in the mirror. After just a few treatments, people who had not
seen me for several months were commenting on how well I was looking. I am amazed at how the years rolled off
my face and I look 7-8 years younger. I wish I had done this when I was in my 30’s my color is more vibrant, my
muscle tone firmer, my worry lines gone and my pores are even smaller! I would recommend this to anyone who
wants to look younger and feel better quickly and painlessly!

                                                                         --- Jannet  in Yorba Linda---
I've replaced my hormone medication with the herbs for my menopause symptoms. Not only does it work
wonders on my hot flashes,night sweats,it makes me feel more energetic and also relaxed.I can just sense my
body turnning for the better.  Thanks Dr.Kim.                                                 

                                                                         ---Ginger C  in Dana Point---
I have had suffered headaches for about 15 yrs.+ and have gone through just about every treatment there was
from a chiropractor, taking medicines and other acupuncturist, and I can honestly say Dr. Kim has been the only
one so far who have managed to not only reduce the amount of headaches(I get one at least once a day
everyday) but the intensity of the headache. I no longer have to take tylenol/anacin 3 times a day(not an
exaggeration). I also suffer from a bleeding ulcer and no longer rely on Prolisec or Nexium.
His treatments are so relaxing and the “needles” aren't so bad after all-coming from someone who cringes at the
word “needle” and “poke”. I had gone through 5 treatments and I plan on going for another 5 just because of
the pain I suffered for so long I feel I need to. I recommend Dr. Kim HIGHLY because I am living proof of his
amazing treatment.                                                                                             

                                                                  ---Donna D in Yorba Linda---
About 9 months ago, I felt tired all the time, was tense and impatient, had trouble sleeping and felt like I was
double my age. That's when I met Dr. Kim. He used acupuncture and herbs to rejuvenate my spirit. Dr. Kim has
such a quiet and calming presence that you cannot help relaxing. He is so aware of what every patient needs
and how to improve the physical, spiritual and emotional body. He has changed my life! Now, I require less sleep,
have double the energy and feel healthy.             --- Linda in Fullerton---
It's the day after my 4th treatment and I've wanted to call you because I saw definite differences in my face this
morning!!! I was surprised and pleased. The lines around my eyes, especially the right one, were much, much
finer, not so noticeable. My cheeks were fuller, revitalized, not sort of 'sunken', and the lines on my forehead were
slight. Dr. Kim, I'm a believer!!! Thanks again! See you soon!             

                                                                          ---palm miller from Sanfrancisco---
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I had sinus problem for almost 20years. I had a terrible headache and breathing problem at night. He recommended Chinese
herbs treatment with Acupuncture treatment. I have treated just 2 times and i could feel so much better.I treated twice per
week during the 2 months. I don't have Headache and sleep well at night. Thanks Dr. Kim...i strongly recommend this
treatment when you have Sinus problem.                                                              
                                                                        ---Linda Miller from La Mirada---
Dr. Kim is an absolute God send.  And that's not an exaggeration.   In the past 3 years he has helped me with Anxiety, fertility,
neck/shoulder pain as well as Migraines.  There is no ailment that I've visited Dr. Kim with that he hasn't made and immediate
and dramatic improvement in.  All it takes is one visit!   I can't say enough great things about Dr.
                                                                      ---Clara P from Brea, CA---
Dr. Kim is amazing! He has made me a believer in acupuncture as I have been seeing him for the past several weeks to
assist with stress and overall health. One quick story, I went in to see him one day with some shoulder pain; he was able to
immediately relieve the pain through acupuncture needles, I was sold then! Can't wait for my next appointment on
                                                                    ---Lindsay J from Anaheim, CA---
Dr. Kim truly is a miracle maker. I have been having congestion in my nose for over 10 years. It caused me to be nauseous
and have migraine all the time. I had hard time concentrating at work and had hard time breathing majority of the time. After
years of pain, Dr. Kim offered me to try the herbal treatment for my sinus problem along with Acupuncture. It was amazing!
Just after 3 visits, I was already starting to feel much better! I no longer have migraine and can breathe with much comfort!
This treatment is definitely recommended to anyone with sinus problem. It's a miracle! Thank You Dr. Kim for all your help!
                                                                      ---Jason P from La Mirada---